Paediatric first aid courses

What is Paediatric?

Paediatric is a branch of science that deals with the medical care of children, infants and adolescents. A trainer who specialises in this area is known as the Paediatrician. The word Paediatric itself means ‘healer of children’.

The training of Paediatrician is different across the world. However, the Paediatric first aid course is suitable for children over the age of 16 and the age limit ranges from 18 to 20 years. It should be attended by the people who are working full time with the children and infants such as day nurseries, private schools, preschools, before and after school clubs.

The Paediatric first aid course meets the Childcare Register requirements and Ofsted Early Years. This course is perfect for people who are working for an early year’s educator qualification. So that they are prepared to meet an emergency situation and can work towards its safety. Moreover, the paediatric course can be used as an evidence for the employees who are working in the childcare and education departments.

The Paediatric first aid course is essential for the children or infants who:

  • Have breathing issues and infant resuscitation
  • Experience external bleeding
  • Have injuries in joints, bones and muscles

It is also essential to have an understanding of who actually needs the Paediatric first aid:

  • The child who has sustained an electric shock
  • Has been bitten or stung
  • Someone who feels extreme cold and heat
  • Has minor injuries including bruises, cuts, grazes.
  • Anaphylaxis patient
  • Suffering from shock
  • Sudden heart attack

The Paediatric first aid course is usually of two days. The practical skills are further assessed by the trainer. The trainer observes with a written assessment to check the understanding. The shortest course is of 6 hours which just gives the initial briefing. The Paediatric first aid course enables the candidates to learn the essential skills of the course. The course has a theory section and a practical one too. And after the successful completion of the course, you will get the Paediatric first aid certificate which is valid for 3 years.


What should you learn during the course?

  • To take action in emergency
  • To assess and treat an unconscious causality
  • To recognise the signs and symptoms of meningitis and other illness
  • Prioritising the patient
  • Recognise and give treatment to a febrile convulsion or asthma attack
  • Treatment for heart attack
  • How to treat an Anaphylaxis patient
  • How to give an Adrenaline auto-injector
  • Solving breathing problems
  • Treating Panic attacks
  • Curing Poison bites
  • Overcome heat exhaustion
  • Diabetic emergencies
  • Spinal and head injuries

There are different Paediatric first aid courses

12-hour course with e-learning:

It is a 1-day course with 4 to 6 hours of interactive e-learning. This should be attended by the childminders and nannies.

12-hour course without e-learning:

This course meets all the requirements of OFSTED and CSSIW. It is a 2-day course.

Emergency paediatric course:

This course is 1 day and is perfect for the parents, grandparents or anyone who is taking care of the children and wishes to learn how to take care of a baby in an emergency.