First aid for schools

It is a fact that many students experience sudden illness or mild to serious accidents while they are at school. They get injured due to collisions, slip and falls or while playing rigorous games. The accidents might lead to bruises, fractures and other health problems. To ensure every child’s safety, it is of paramount importance to have first aid for schools so that the students can be treated immediately after they get ill or wounded. Schools that comprise of well-trained teachers and students are likely to reduce the number of accidents that happen every year. Having a good knowledge and command over first aid help individuals handle emergency in a right way.

Importance of first aid for schools

First aid is the initial assistance given to a victim. No matter how safe a school is, the importance of first aid cannot be ignored. Accidents may happen anytime. They do not come with a warning. And witnessing a critical situation when you have no idea how to deal with it can even worsen the case. Therefore, it is a must to train the staff as well as students so that they can take quick actions in the event of an emergency. They, being equipped with first aid skills, will be capable of handling critical situations and dealing with accidents.

Getting first aid training is not a difficult task. Learning the basics and developing strong first aid skills can help the staff or students deal with an emergency until a proper medical assistance arrives. A quick medical treatment helps the victim feel better and cope with the trouble. Whether the victim has unknowingly ingested a poisonous substance, fainted, choked or got an injury, people with good knowledge regarding the first aid can be of great help. They treat the victim and make sure the right methods of medical assistance are being applied as any misinformation or wrong treatment might put the life of the victim at risk.

First aid for school courses

First aid for school course- inset day

This is a one-day course and is specifically designed for teachers and ancillary staff to help them get knowledge of first aid. The learners develop the right skills so that they can provide the victims with the proper initial assistance immediately. Here is the content of the course, just to name a few:

  • Incident management
  • Choking
  • Head injuries
  • Muscle or joint injuries
  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma
  • Bleeding
  • Epilepsy

All the attendees receive a first aid for school certificate which is valid for three years.

Emergency life support for children and students

Students of all age should learn the basics of first aid. Supporting and treating a victim until professional help arrives can be of great help. An emergency life support for children and students course helps students develop the first aid skills. The course content is mentioned below:

  • Performing Resuscitation
  • Managing an incident
  • Choking
  • Bleeding
  • Chest pain
  • Calling 999

All the participants will be given an emergency life support for children and students certificate which will be valid for 3 years.