First aid training for schools

First aid can save many lives by preventing the risk of minor injuries before they turn into major ones. Everyone knows that it is a basic responsibility of the schools to provide all the necessary and appropriate facilities with required equipment for the first aid in schools.

We all know that many activities take place in schools. From sports to exercises, playtime to morning jog, and it’s every school’s responsibility to lessen the chances of any emergency situation that can be caused due to a haphazard situation. If the children get injured while playing or may be in the classroom, it is a school’s duty to provide initial and immediate first aid to the child affected. And this can only be done with the proper first aid training.

In schools, the employers are responsible for the safety of the other people. That is why the first aid training for schools is necessary so that the staff must have a good knowledge of the first aid to overcome the risk of injuries for children in school. It is ideal to arrange the first aid training especially for the teachers in school as they are the backbone and children are entirely dependent on them.

Things essential for first aid treatment:

  • A stocked first aid box [with bandages, medicines etc.]
  • A trained person who is appointed to take charge of the first aid arrangements
  • Proper guidance to the employees regarding the first aid training
  • Awareness to the children about the first aid importance.

Why first aid training is necessary for schools?

The first aid training helps the employees to learn the basic rules for providing first aid to the children. The staff should have fully equipped first aid box in order to meet all the emergency requirements. And to meet all the requirements, they should take the first aid training.

It is necessary for the first aider to hold a valid certificate of competence. The certificate must be approved by the HSE. The first aid certificates are valid for 3 years. However, employers should arrange to retest the competence before the expiration. If the certificate expires, the employer has to undergo another full course of training to be a first aider.

There are two types of first aid training:

  • First aid at work
  • Emergency first aid at work


  • The emergency first aid trains the first aider to deal with any emergency situation and to give an immediate treatment to the injured person.
  • The first aid training equips the first aider to aid a range of specific injuries and illnesses.

This training course requires at least 18 hours of training and minimum run over of 3 days. Whereas the emergency first aid training requires at least 6 hours of training and run over of 1 day. However, the certificate for first aid lasts for 3 years. Before the expiration, the aider needs to undertake a requalification course to obtain the certification of another 3 years.

Criteria for first aid training

The first aid training providers will need to be prepared in order to satisfy certain criteria set by HSE.

The criteria is:

  • Monitoring and quality assurance system
  • Certification
  • The expected qualification of assessors and trainers
  • Standard of first aid practice