Emergency first aid at work

The importance of first aid is hard to ignore. As an employer, it is your duty to look after your workforce.  You never know when an accident might occur at your workplace. No matter how safe your organisation is, employers can get susceptible to injuries or illness. It is important to have first aid kit and basic information to help people prevent serious damage in the event of an emergency.

Employers need to have first aid training to ensure their employees remain safe in case they experience an accident or sudden illness that include chest pain, asthma etc. Moreover, they should also encourage the entire workforce to take first aid courses so that it become capable of handling any critical situation that might arise after an accident. An emergency comes without any warning. Employees might get traumatised as a result of accident. They might also get heart attack which require immediate treatment. To ensure they are treated properly and on time, you need to have a first aid kit and first aiders who can use it in a right way.

Emergency first aid at work course

This course is a one-day course for anyone who is 16+. It is a useful course for people who work in an office (low hazard environment). It is specifically designed to help learners gain insight regarding first aid. It helps them get knowledge and develop skills to deal with a range of accidents. The emergency first aid at work course helps them respond to the emergencies that might occur in a workplace.

The course comprises of the content specified by the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. It teaches learners the methods to treat people who experience sudden illness, trauma or serious injuries. Moreover, the course guides on treating the people who become unresponsive. It also helps learners to deal with people while they are choking or having a seizure.

The emergency first aid at work course provides information about Basic Life Support (CPR). It contributes to making the participants capable of assessing and treating unconscious people. Moreover, they learn about the steps they must follow in the event of an emergency. They also learn to record and report accidents

On completion of the course, participants receive an emergency first aid at work certificate which is valid for three years.

Reasons to take an emergency first aid at work course

The most important reason to opt for an emergency first aid at work course is to make yourself capable of dealing with an emergency. An organisation having well-trained employees is likely to reduce serious injuries and deaths. Nothing can be more important than saving a life. It is a fact that in a case of an emergency, a lot of people come forward to help the victim. However, only a trained person will take the right action to treat the affected person. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to train yourself and your workforce so that they remain prepared no matter what the circumstances are.