First aid course in London

The importance of first aid training

When it comes to the first aid training, some people may have basic experience of it whereas some may have no idea of how to deal a situation when someone is injured. However, some kind of first aid training is definitely essential for everyone. You should know how to deal with an injury and how to give the immediate cure. It is also essential to get the right training from the right people. And for that, there are numerous first aid course in London that offer their services. After the successful completion of the first aid course, you receive a recognised certificate which proves that now you can handle first aid at work or wherever you want.

There are many first aid courses offered in London, for schools, work, sports and health. And there are different organisations which are providing the first aid course in London.

Some of them are:-

St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance is providing the best first aid course in London. It is the first aid and health and safety trainer of choice for thousands of companies. They offer numerous training courses across the UK. They have over 240 venues nationwide. To save time and money, they also offer first aid training at the premises of the person who seeks it.

Their first aid course covers:

  • Communication and causality care
  • Infant, child and adult resuscitation
  • Treatment for severe bleeding
  • Treatment of choking
  • Treatment of an unresponsive causality

British Red Cross

British Red Cross offer a number of first aid courses, from health and safety training to the first aid training. You can also book or schedule the course or you can also opt for a group booking if you have more people who need training. The British Red Cross has 26 training courses across London which includes:

  • First aid at work, this course is suitable for people aged 16+ and work in the dangerous environments such as manufacturer, construction or agriculture. The course gives the skills to the learners to respond a number of accidents and they can overcome any first aid emergencies encountered.

London First Aid Training

London first aid training offers regulated first aid qualifications and they are accredited by leading Awarding Body.

Their first aid courses include

  • Emergency first Aid at work level2
  • First Aid at work level3
  • Paediatric first aid

London Training Centre

London training centre provides the first aid training courses all over the UK, especially in London. They offer Emergency first aid at work, first aid at work, paediatric first aid, sports first aid and first aid annual refresher course.

Safety First Aid Training

Safety first aid training is a leading authority that provides first aid course in London. They even have customised training courses for different company or workplace.

Pulse First Aid Ltd

The Pulse first aid Ltd training courses are designed while keeping in mind the practical sessions and theatrical input. They arrange numerous first aid course and are available in London

Some of their first aid courses includes:

  • First aid at work regulations
  • First aid awareness
  • Emergency first aid at work
  • First aid at work requalification
  • Infant and child first aid
  • First aid at work and emergency