First Aid for School Teachers and Support Staff

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This course is designed specifically for those working in a school setting. It provides your staff with the skills to be able to respond to a first aid emergency until a medical professional arrives.

It is vital that should a first aid emergency happen in the playground, dinner hall, classroom or during an excursion; all teachers and support workers will be au fait with the risks from and remedy of such a situation.

We enable your staff to respond to an emergency independently, but also run through a number of scenarios so they have hands-on practice working as part of a team.

Course Content

  • Accident/Incident Management (record keeping, managing emergencies on/off site, location and content of first aid kits)
  • Unconscious Adult/Infant
  • CPR – Adult/Infant
  • Allergies – Epipen Training
  • Asthma
  • Choking
  • Burns
  • Bleeds (including nose bleeds)
  • Head Injuries
  • Seizures

Course Duration

The course is taught over a duration of 3 hours, plus breaks. The course can also be held in the evening or at the weekends, at no additional cost.

On Completion of the Course

Each candidate is awarded a certificate of attendance, mouth-shield and comprehensive first aid manual.

Why train with us?

    • All our trainers are qualified medics

All of our trainers have hands-on experience in dealing with first aid emergencies and specialist knowledge of basic life support and paediatric first aid. They bring the experience of their workplace, either working in A&E departments, Paediatrics or for the London Ambulance Service to every class they teach.

    • At least three years first aid training experience

It is one thing knowing what happens in a medical emergency, it is another skill being able to relate this to those with little or no knowledge of first aid in a clear and simple manner. Becoming a competent trainer, takes experience, for this reason we only employ trainers with at least 3 years of training experience.

    • Active Learning

Every aspect of our courses employ active learning methods. We understand that candidates on the course expect to take home a huge amount of essential first aid information. We found the most effective method of teaching is to actively engage the class with the subjects. Our approach is based on the Montessori method of teaching, whereby learning is most effective in an enjoyable, relaxed and interactive environment.

Kate Delivered the course in an appropriate and friendly manner…she answered the questions extremely confidently. A super course – thank you

P.Jones, Hampton College 2015

An excellent, informative, easy to understand course.

Warren Dell Primary School, 2013

Highly recommended…well delivered and to the point.

Leaways Schools, 2013

A good course for staff working in schools.

Eileen Dobbin

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